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Taxes: Why Are They Collected And Why Are They Needed To Be Collected

Sometimes, you get to wonder why there are so many taxes to pay, where do they go and how are they being used by the government, so many questions that you sometimes get confused.

These are just the normal questions that many people ask especially those that have really not understood completely about taxes, and some will just take it as it is simply as an obligation to pay.

Paying taxes is considered to be a civic duty, aside from the fact that it is according to the law, and if you are an employee, a businessman, a property owner, a consumer at that, you are liable to be paying taxes accordingly.

Such taxes are being collected either in the local, national or federal level and all of these collection goes to the government which have different parts which even includes those that are in the highest positions in the legislative body where they are paid through your taxes.

The fact there is as you see those other government employees that do all the works that you need like processing of files, documentation, processing permits, having all facilities built like roads, hospitals, public libraries, parks, amusement centers, and many more, all of these are indications that your taxes are being used by the government all still for your benefit.

Also consider those uniformed men that serves the country, the government missions, assistance to any calamities, aids and support medically, the many infrastructure projects for the community, even outreach programs of the government to help the poor, there are just a lot mention as the list just goes on.

It can be said that if there are no taxes then it will follow that there will be no government, no laws, no services of any kind unless each will do his or her own services, like have their own fire truck, ambulance, garbage collection system, and everything else that you get serviced for.

So now it is clear that all your taxes are asked from you but all are given back to you in many ways where you can see and enjoy those well pave and maintained roads, collected garbages, and everything that you get service from especially from the government employees.

If you just take a look at every side of you and have a better perception of what you are beholding, you will understand clearly as to why taxes are important, and now you understand this, you will have a different outlook now of how you perceive taxes and its purposes that you are being asked to make a payment for.

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