What You Need To Know About Goldfish Tanks

What You Need To Know About Goldfish Tanks

We all have memories of goldfish that usually include seeing them in carnival games (you know: The game where you try and bounce golf balls into the bowl with the fish in it, rather than the empty one). More often than not, the goldfish is connected to the infamous “goldfish bowl” rather than proper goldfish tanks where they really belong.

Surface Area for Oxygenation

The reason you need to provide goldfish tanks for them is that they need a proper surface area in the tank to provide proper oxygen levels for survival. Gold fish will also grow to size depending on their environment, so if you keep them in a claustrophobic fish bowl they won’t grow very much. Since goldfish need surface area for proper oxygenation, you want to make absolute sure that the top of whatever tank you provide is the largest part of the tank, or equally as large as the rest of the tank.

Tank Hood

A lighted hood is a great way to accentuate the shine of your goldfish, it’s also necessary to keep your goldfish safe. A goldfish is a fish that’s very capable of jumping straight out of the tank, straight to their death.


Use gravel on the bottom of goldfish tanks and check with the store/breeder you buy your fish from on what the appropriate PH level is for the fish. Most goldfish like a PH of around 7 +/- and this is also the reason you want to use a gravel bottom, since it won’t affect the PH levels in the tank.

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You have a choice between biological, chemical and mechanical filters — with some of them being in-tank and others that sit outside the tank which suck the water out with a hose. Don’t skimp on your filtration, since even one goldfish will cloud the tank quite quickly.