What Makes Canary Food Different From Other Bird Food?

What Makes Canary Food Different From Other Bird Food?

Canaries are hard birds to breed, but not tough to feed. Luckily most canary food manufacturers know how fickle the diet of the canary can be and have developed proper mixtures aimed at keeping your bird’s health in check. Canary grass seed should be a staple of your canary’s diet and you should always check the ingredients to make sure this ingredient is at least 50% of the mixture if you’re buying a seed mixture (this will vary for special “moulting mixes” or “color feed).

Canary grass seed originates from the same place canaries originally do (Mediterranean), and while it doesn’t give them all the nutrition they need: It give them more than other foods. They also require a food that’s high in various vitamins and minerals (calcium is one of the important minerals in any good canary food). When you’re breeding canaries; special moulting formulas should be used, which are high in protein, contain more fat content, and also have an extra boost of calcium — all of which aid your pretty pet in their egg production.

One of the great things about owning a canary is their ability to entertain and look gorgeous, without needing your constant attention. Since the canary is known as a “birds bird”, rather than a “people bird” like the parrot — all you need to worry about is feeding them a proper diet and keeping their cage clean. Your canary will give you very little grief and a lot of fun with their singing ability and strange, endearing gestures.

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You can feed your canary almost any fruit, nut, or vegetable that you would eat (other than avocado which contains too much fat). Canary food that you can feed them out of your fridge includes: lettuce, pear, apple, small bits of carrot, peanut, cashew, and any pepper you can think of. Just remember that they are a soft beak bird, so any shelled food they get needs to fit into their mouth easily so they don’t harm their beak.