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Listening to His Master’s Voice

Bringing home a pup is always enjoyable event for the whole family but wait till he begins to chew your sofa, your shoes, your clothes etc. Taking care of a puppy is very similar to taking care of a baby, who is finding its way around you and the house. Just like you teach a baby to differentiate between desirable and un-desirable behavior, in the same way you have to teach the puppy. Unfortunately, many people bring home a pup at their kid’s insistence and do not find the time to train him well, creating a lot of chaos and heart burn.
There are, however, a few simple rules that you can follow in order to train your pup to grow into a well – disciplined canine. Firstly, you need to cement the rules of the house. In case you do not want your dog jumping over the sofa and the bed with his dirty paws and dirtying the linen etc, then you should not encourage him to do so as a puppy. Pass the rule along to every member of the household, so that the chain of command is maintained. Every time the pup tries to climb up the sofa or the bed, reprimand him with a stern ‘No’. He will soon understand that he is not supposed to climb the sofa or the bed.
Secondly, you must be consistent in maintaining the established rules and their enforcement. In case the pup breaks a rule you must reprimand him so that he knows that he has done something wrong. A sharp ‘No’ often works in such cases. This method works well when you are toilet training your dog or giving him house training. He must be trained not to chew shoes, sofa edges and handles etc, and must not jump on visitors for fun. However, all of this is not as easy as it sounds. You will have to make time to teach your dog all of the above things or else you will find a messy house and valuable stuff destroyed.
Last but not least, when your pup has learnt his lesson for the day, do not forget to reward him. Giving a reward is essential when it comes to reinforcing good or wanted behavior. The pup must understand that every time he is doing what is expected of him, he is on the right path and that he will get rewarded for the same. A treat always helps and once a dog responds favorably, you can graduate him to praise and more positive attention. Proving treats as reinforcement is a great way of letting a dog learn and understand the benefit of listening to his master’s voice.
Training a puppy is really not all that difficult but it does require some time, patience and perseverance on your part. You could try your hand at some do – it – yourself training program for dogs but that too requires time. Teaching your pup to obey rules, being consistent and rewarding him will produce excellent results.…