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The Husky – A Great Pet

When my wife and I went to our local SPCA to to find a pet we seen that they had a whole litter of husky puppies there. My wife seen the one she liked best because of the marking patterns on its face but unfortunately the pups would not be available for adoption until the next day. So first thing in the morning the next day I went to the SPCA very early to make sure I would able to get first pick of the puppies. Luckily I did get first pick and our new husky puppy, now named Ripken, became the newest member of our family.
However I wish I had done some research about huskies before I got one. The husky is a great pet to have but it is best to learn about its traits if you get one. First thing was the shedding. Huskies shed their fur at least twice a year and it is a lot of hair.
Also huskies are high energy dogs so it is best to take them walking often. Being high energy if a husky gets bored it can be destructive, especially to your yard. Huskies love to dig and they can tear up a backyard if left unattended and boredom sets in. They are also great escape artists. A husky can find its way out of a fenced in yard or it will make a way for it to get out. Huskies also have that pulling instinct so leash training can be difficult.
The good thing about the husky is that it is a very loving dog. They are very friendly to all people they meet, even strangers so keep that in mind because they not good watchdogs. They are also good around children. They are good with other pets if they are raised with them since they were puppies. The husky is truly a great companion to have as a pet.…