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Jack Russell Behaviour

Famous as a special breed of canines hunting foxes, groundhogs and badgers, the Jack Russell Terrier (JRT) was made to be a working dog with a stubborn attitude to chase and shoo its targeted prey away from its habitat. It is, however, not known to kill and get a taste of blood in its active foray of animals being chased.
Remembering commands from its master and taking action immediately upon sensing a command being conveyed is a typical Jack Russell behaviour. The JRT is an intelligent dog and remembers routines well.
Housebreaking a puppy would be easy for a Jack Russell as long as the owner takes patience and perseverance to handle it to follow rules of the house. Therefore, the owner must take time to make the puppy do the same routines on short but meaningful actions. Praising the pup would be advisable because a JRT needs the affirmation even as it becomes an adult.
Annoying noise from too much barking especially when this terrier cannot get what it wants is Jack Russell behaviour the owner has either to get used to or to get rid of at its earliest time. Some people recommend dousing water each time the dog barks to send a message that it does bother the owner and the neighbors.
Depending on the situation, JRT are not exactly friendly because they are extremely suspicious. Thus, it is not advisable for children whom the dog finds strange. Instead, children should know that a Jack Russell is an independent thinker and does not want to be treated badly. It loves to play and have fun with children.
Being territorial is a behaviour which explains why this terrier can be aggressive as to growl and pounce on someone it does not find friendly or acceptable. It protects the area or territory it is familiar with. But, it enjoys being with its master and people it is comfortable to be with. Owners who love JRTs are sociable and adventurous.
A JRT is absolutely hard to handle when there are mixed signals on whose authority is to be followed. Once it notices that there is inconsistency on the rules of discipline, this intelligent dog can act like a spoiled brat and mess up the harmony in the home.
Stubbornness because of its strong willed character to achieve its goal is the overall description of Jack Russell behaviour. The breed was created to hunt and its focus is on the prey. For its compact size but stocky build, the JRT runs ahead of the hunting dogs like the hounds because it runs faster than them. Once it finds its prey, it goes on to bark and growl to scare it. When the prey hides in the quarry, the Jack Russell will dig deep into it to ferret it out. That is how strong willed and stubborn this canine is.…