Something Different – The Bubble Eye Goldfish

Something Different – The Bubble Eye Goldfish

The bubble eye goldfish is a very unique looking fish. It’s eyes face upward and have huge, fluid filled sacs right under them. The sacs are often mistaken for being an ailment of some sort and to add to the uniqueness of the bubble eye goldfish: They don’t have a dorsal fin. Japanese readers will know them as a Suihogan.

Care & Maintenance

The bubble portion of their eyes are very sensitive to puncture, but will grow back if the worst happens. Regardless, you’ll want to keep them in a tank that doesn’t have sharp objects that will “pop” their sacs. The bubble eye goldfish eats the same as other goldfish and will need frequent water changes due to the goldfish’s propensity to cloud up their water quickly.

Due to the way their eyes are structured; they don’t see very well at all, so if you want to feed them something that tends to drop to the bottom: Try to drop the food right above the fish, in their line of sight so they can lock on to the food and follow it wherever it drops to, or train them to grab the food directly from your hand at feeding time.

The bubble eye goldfish is also a lazy swimmer and don’t particularly like an active current in their aquarium. Place sponge guards at the inlet tube of the filter, so they don’t get stuck to the hose or puncture their eye.


Since they’re a typically weak, sensitive fish you want to make sure they’re bred properly and should get them from a reputed source. The dorsal fin is bred out of them and if you want to take the fish to competition; the breeding needs to be proper or you’re goldfish will be eliminated from being a true bubble eye.

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