Relief for My Dog’s Anxiety

My dog’s new favorite treat might surprise you. It surprised my family when I brought them home for our dog. On my last visit to the pet store, I found a treat that I thought I would try out, but I wasn’t sure how my dog would react to the new treat. My dog tends to get nervous when I leave her alone for long periods of time, so I wanted to find something to keep her calm while I’m away on vacation. My dog is an important part of my life, and she’s an even bigger part of my children’s lives, so I want her to be happy all the time.

We’re taking our big family vacation next week. We take these types of long trips each summer. When my wife takes off from work and the kids don’t have to go to school, it’s easy to find time to break away from our regular lives. We usually take a trip that involves getting on a plane, so we’ll either leave our dog at home or bring her with us on the plane. Last year, our dog got nervous being put on the plane, so we decided to stay home this year. There are plenty of places we’ve been meaning to check out that we can get to without going on a plane.

If we’re successful in finding a treat that calms our dog down, then we might consider taking her on a plane again. We’re going to test out the treats I found at the pet store when we go on vacation this year. The road trip we have planned is going to involve plenty of driving and being inside the vehicle. This might mean trouble for our dog, so I bought some hemp CBD chews for dogs. I’m hoping the chews will help make our dog calm and relaxed. The pet store recommended these treats for dogs with nervous behavior.

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I’ve tried other types of treats that are designed to calm dogs. When she was a puppy, she was teething and her gums hurt her. I bought her a dog toy designed to alleviate some of that pain. We’ve also tried using rubber dog toys that are filled with treats. This seemed to pacify her for a short period of time. She’s still a young dog, so she still has a habit of chewing furniture in our home. I can’t see bringing her on vacation and having her ruin the furniture where we are staying, so I hope this new treat works to remedy her anxiety.

I’m hoping that our dog grows out of her nervous behavior when she grows out of being a puppy. It me a few years to grow out of my nasty habits, so I want to give her the benefit of trying new things. This new remedy might just be the answer that our family has been searching for. I’m hoping this year’s vacation goes smoother when we pack our dog’s new treats.