Pet Food Manufacturers Are Pet Lovers Too

The average household has one or more pets that are kept as companions by people who love them and wish to provide the best for them. Whether that pet has feathers, scales, fins, fur, or hair it most likely holds a special place in the owner’ s heart. When it comes to pet food and what we feed our pets, we want to provide them with the best that we can afford but that is not always what’ s best for them.

Balance is the key to a healthy diet

A well balanced diet is desirable for each of us and our pets requirements are the same. Plenty of vitamins, minerals, and dietary supplements given daily will insure our pets are healthy and live long happy lives. There are choices to be made when selecting high quality foods:

Dog food comes in dry (kibble), semi moist, or moist (canned) varieties

Cat food is available in dry (kibble), semi moist, or moist (canned) varieties

Bird food comes in seed form as well as dried greens, fruits, and vegetables

Hamster and other rodents eat an assortment of seeds and pellets manufactured for their dietary requirements

Snakes and other reptiles kept as pets generally eat insects and small mammals, depending on their size. This source of food typically comes from pet shops and storesEach type of pet food is made with quality and safety in mind (even those insects must be disease free). The dry kibble, semi moist, and canned foods have been researched for decades to find the healthiest combination of ingredients to keep our pets healthy throughout their lifetime. Those who supply this high quality food are usually pet lovers themselves and have dedicated their lives to providing the best for man’ s best friends.

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Approved and guaranteed

The pet food industry is strictly regulated today, with rigid testing every step of the way. The dog and cat food industries do their own researching and continually perform tests involving quality of ingredients, taste, and appearance of each product they provide. While these pet foods must appear appetising to the pet owner, it is ultimately the pets themselves who determine what works and what does not appeal to them. The industry conducts taste tests with animals similar to those done for foods intended for human consumption. They actually have taste testers comprised of dogs, cats, birds, and other type pets who sample each food and through their reactions; help decide which flavour and what type of texture will be most appealing to the general pet population.

Stringent standards and sanitary conditions

Pet foods are held to high standards when it comes to the manufacturing process involved. We love our pets and want to provide them with the very best to eat. Feeding a dog or cat strictly meat would rapidly create problems because it would be unbalanced, leaving out many vital vitamins and minerals that animal requires (just as we do). A balanced pet food needs to contain:




Omega fatty acids


TaurineOther ingredients specific to the animal the food is intended for are also included to make this diet balanced with all our pet requires.