Natural Pet Foods – Boosting Immunity In Cats

It really doesn’t matter whether your cat eats dry food, wet food, or both – the truth is that your cat is not getting the correct nutrition. No matter what the major cat food manufacturers tell you, unless you are feeding your cat natural pet foods and using supplements on top of that, you are denying your cat the ability to live a long and healthy life.
Natural pet foods are the key to keeping your cat healthy. Because there are no federal standards for the diets of cats, like there are for humans, each pet food manufacturer leaves it up to themselves to tell you what they think your cat needs. This is not only unhealthy, it is dangerous. Your cat needs a lot more than what they are providing, and even if your cat enjoys both dry and wet food, he or she is still going without proper nutrition.
Natural pet foods, on the other hand, are designed in a different way. Of course, like all pet food, tastiness is key, because if your cat doesn’t like it, he or she won’t eat it. But, there is more to how tasty it is that determines whether it is good or not for your cat. Most natural pet foods include vitamins, minerals, and other things like antioxidants that help your animal live longer.
These natural, herbal supplements to his or her food will boost their energy and appetite, and you will see an almost immediate turnaround in their behavior. In some cases, cats who are constant problems – aggressive, destructive, anti-social – turn around completely. This is because they were lacking certain nutritional factors that would have kept their psychology in balance.
In addition to the mental changes in your cat, by replacing traditional cat food with natural pet foods and supplements, you will find that your animal’s coat becomes silkier and shinier, their teeth look better, and even their breath improves. These are all signs of a healthy internal system, something that they didn’t have when they were eating commercial cat food.
We all want our animals to live long, healthy, and happy lives and if your cat is to be a fully functioning part of your family, he or she needs to have the proper nutrition. If you knew you were lacking in your own nutrition, you would do something about it – so take care of your cat and do the same for him or her.

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