Maggie’s Loss – The Grieving Pet

Maggie’s Loss – The Grieving Pet

Some cats do very well as being an only cat. Suddenly, Minnie our oldest Siamese got very sick and died of kidney failure in 4 days. On January 9th she was fine and by January 13th she was gone. We had taken her to the vet on January 10th and she never returned home alive.

Although, Minnie was a much smaller cat than Maggie, she did rule. There were times that they would have smacking matches and fur would be flying. But Siamese do love cat companionship and it became very apparent as time went along.

We all missed Minnie and we had pretty much settled in with the thought at least for now, to be a one cat family.

Maggie cried and cried looking for Minnie. We would do our out most to comfort her. Picked her up and gave her lots and lots of loving, petting and hugging. She had not spent a lot of time with my husband and was pretty much my cat.

The interesting part about it was that it must not have been Maggie’s choice to be aloof with my husband. Now that Minnie was gone, she seemed to be more relaxed and actually enjoyed the attention from him. (Three years later she has become a Velcro cat to him.) So, we figured in cat language she must have been told by Minnie to stay away from my husband.

With all this extra attention, we figured Maggie would settle into this new position of being number one and only cat and thoroughly enjoy her new status. But this would not be the case.

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She would cry and cry, we would call her to us and she would settle down. But still a month later and now we were getting very worried, she was losing weight. It was really getting very noticeable and it was now coming to the point that we worried for her health, we did not want to lose another cat.

It was now towards the end of February, not a great time for acquiring a kitten! I called the breeder from whom I had bought Minnie and Maggie, to see if she had any female kittens. She had none, but she did have a 2 year-old. We were desperate for Maggie’s sake, so we took a drive to check out her possible new roommate. We were pleasantly surprised, as she looked so much like the cat we just lost. But, that was about where the similarity ended. (But that is another story!)

Of course, Maggie wasn’t fooled by the imposter! Molly, the new cat was not at all happy with the situation and did not take a liking to any of us. But, her presence did get Maggie’s attention and seem to stop the crying. Now it was, hiss, hiss, hiss and sometimes a low growl.

It took awhile for Molly to adjust, but soon her best friend in the house was Maggie! She definitely was aware and respected that Maggie was top cat. Mission accomplished and now Maggie was putting her weight back on. She kind of now had the best of both worlds. She had a cat of her own and all the people in the house to herself!

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