Kitten Insurance – Is Younger Better Or Worse?

Kitten Insurance – Is Younger Better Or Worse?

So you’re looking to get kitten insurance? Is there some sort of special insurance for your young pet? Is it worse or better to bring it in early? These are some of the questions that may be on your mind.

The truth is that there is rarely a special plan that covers pets of certain age groups (although we have seen a plan for “senior cats”), but there are definitely differences in the cost dependent on age. The good news is that you’ve made the right choice by going in as early as possible, a lot of plans offer cheaper rates for bringing your pet in early. Here are a few things to look out for to make sure your plan works for you:

With an older cat you might not run into this, but neutering and flea treatments are considered “elective procedures” meaning the insurance plan won’t cover it. Check and make sure your plan will cover these. There is often a clause against “pre-existing conditions” so remember to get your kitten insurance as soon as possible, and before you get it a check-up. This way the insurance will kick in first and when you do get your cat a check-up it won’t count as a pre-existing condition.

Kitten Insurance – Tips to Stay On Track

So you’ve found some good insurance cat based with coverage for a good number of things, pretty inclusive, and the premium is just where you want it. Well guess what? Premiums tend to go up with the age of your pet. So before you lock yourself into this plan you’d better make sure that your plan has a fixed premium. One other big thing to watch out for is how often procedures can be performed. Some plans will only cover your pet a certain amount of times per year, others will only cover them a certain amount of times per life. It is worth making sure you have some sort of coverage that at least renews yearly or you’ll more than likely end up regretting your decision.

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In Conclusion

If you’re thinking of getting insurance for your cat and are sitting here right now trying to do some research then you are in a good spot right now. With the knowledge you now have you will be able to demand more and pay less, while avoiding all the common traps. So good luck and let getting your kitten insurance be an easy transaction that serves you well for years!