How To Make Sure Your Pet Stays Safe

When your pet has a health concern in the middle of the night, it can be a scary situation. One thing that goes through your mind is where are you going to go. Veterinary service is not as easy to obtain as a hospital would be for a person and many believe the cost could be astronomical. Many are unaware that there are some 24 hour animal hospital williamsport pa emergency services including nights, weekends, and holidays.

How to Be Sure Medical Help is Needed

You know your pet, and you know when they are feeling under the weather or if something is just not right. Often medical care can wait until you veterinarian’s normal business hours but there are warning signs that cannot be ignored, telling you treatment is vital. Some of these warnings include bites from other animals, substantial behavior changes, bleeding, and breathing problems. Be sure to call ahead and let the vet know you are on your way, so they can make sure the veterinarian will be ready for your pet’s arrival.

A Bite From Another Animal

When your pet is bitten by another animal you may be able to wait for treatment if you know the other animal is up to date on important shots and if the bite is not deep. If the bite is from an unknown animal, wild animal, or is torn and bleeding badly then your pet requires quick medical attention. When arriving at the vet, the doctor will examine the pet to determine the extent of the bite. They will also ask you questions about the biting animal. If the biting animal is wild, then your pet may have to be quarantined and checked for rabies. If you know the biting animal, then the veterinarian may be able to treat your pet and send it home with recovering direction.

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Do Not Ignore Substantial Behavior Changes

Your pet has telling signs that they are not feeling well. Look for signs like stumbling, hiding, or refusal to eat, drink, or move. These signs may be a warning that they need immediate medical assistance. Pets cannot tell you when they are not well, but they will act differently. New aggression can be an important warning that something is wrong, as well.

Excessive Bleeding and Breathing Problems

Sometimes our pets will get a cut, scrape, or may even poop a little blood. This is normal. If you see the blood will not stop, is gushing, or if your pet’s poop is dark blood then you may need tget pet care from a professional. If you are unsure if your pet’s bleeding is unusual then seek help just in case. If you notice any signs of breathing problems such as making noises when breathing, coughing excessively, or whizzing then you should take your pet to the vet right away. It is important not to ignore warnings that your pet gives you about their health.