Dog Training Techniques For Anyone

How we do love our dogs! These beloved pets become members of the family very quickly, especially if they are obedient dogs that know a few tricks. There are many dog training techniques that can ensure your pet will be loved by everyone in the family.
First, you must make sure that your dog knows who is boss. Families and owners should never let a pet think it has the run of the house. They are not human and every response they give is by instinct. If they are taught they can get something by being aggressive, that is the technique they will always use to get what they want. They need to be trained quickly that their owner is the leader of the pack, someone to be obeyed.
When the dog is submissive to the owner, they have the idea and training from that point on will become much easier. If you cannot get your dog to obey and become submissive, he will be much harder to train.
Enforce your rules consistently. Do not fluctuate between allowed on the couch, not allowed on the couch, allowed to bark at strangers, not allowed to bark at strangers. They need to be taught from the very beginning what their boundaries are, what they are allowed to do and where they are allowed to go.
Since your dog can only understand a few human words, you need to keep it simple. You should never need to get aggressive with a dog when you are teaching them to behave. Aggression will cause the animal to respond the same way. If you are happy and excited about what you are doing, they will be, too. They are going to respond to your behavior and the vibes you are giving off before anything else. They are relying on their senses because they do not have human comprehension or a way to tell us anything verbally.
When you are teaching your pet the right behaviors, you will want to have some good treats around to help you along. When dogs associate something with food, they are automatically happy with it. If they dislike babies in strollers but are distracted by a bit of a treat when there is one around, they will remember the next time that it was not so bad that last time a baby was around. They will instinctively look for the treat that must be coming next. Eventually, they will not even notice a baby in a stroller.
If your pet has a problem with pooping in the house, you simply need to walk it more. It is good for the dog and good for you to get this kind of exercise anyway. Have a good, regular, consistent schedule and your dog will get on that schedule, relieving you of the clean up duties when you get home or get up in the morning.
Do not forget to give your dog plenty of love and attention while you are using new dog training techniques, reward him, make him feel loved and special every time he obeys a command.

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