Clicker Training Dogs – Is it Essential?

If you want your dog to be a well trained dog it is essential to inculcate good habits in it. Dogs generally adapt to habits quickly. Clicker training will enable you to train your dog to learn faster and in a more disciplined manner.
The clicker training is essential and helps in many ways. It is very simple to clicker train your dog. You should know what your dog likes what is its favorite treat. All you have to do is carry it along when you go are ready to clicker train your dog. When your dog does a particular thing right you have to reward it with its favorite treat. You have to do this regularly though. It is not a onetime training; you have to try to develop it into a habit for your dog, until your dog religiously follows the same habit always.
The treat should never be considered as a bribe. Your dog is actually earning its reward for doing sometime correctly. When you clicker train your dog you should make sure it understands when it does deserves a reward. At times verbal praises might not be understood by your dog but the clicker and the reward will definitely tell you dog it deserved it because it did something you liked. It will obey and respect like its leader and will aim to please you every time it wants to earn a reward. Once this is understood by your dog, it will automatically follow orders and try to please you to get its reward.
You need to have lot of patience and time when you clicker train your dog. It is not done in a day, practice and regular sessions are required on a daily basis. You also need to understand and click or treat your dog at the right moment. You should understand that your dog will only be able to adapt to a particular behavior once it knows it has done the right thing and your treat will indicate it. However, delaying the treat will not help your dog relate to the incident it did a while ago and it might even terribly confuse your dog.
Once it understands it is doing the right thing it will repeat the same action to get its reward. And that is when you know you are on the right track. Minute detail should be given to your dogs behavior. Do not confuse your dog by treating it anytime and for anything at all. Try to teach your dog one action or behavior at one time. Too many habits at the same time will confuse you dog and it will make it difficult to clicker train your dog.
Try to understand what are the things you want your dog to learn with the help of a clicker or treat. Once you understand that it is easy to train your dog into those habits you desire.

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