Choosing Proper Canary Cages

Choosing Proper Canary Cages

One of the great benefits about owning a canary, is being able to let them fly around the house and knowing they won’t stray very far from their cage. It’s still important to choose appropriate canary cages if you’re going away from home, or you don’t want them flying around your home. A generic, all-purpose type of bird cage may not be right for your canary, as they are so thin they can fit through the bars of most pet store varieties.

What To Consider

Bar gap:

You’ll need a cage that’s large enough that your little bird friend can comfortably bounce around, eat their food, drink and generally feel contented with their space. This isn’t too hard to do, as most cages you find will be just fine. One thing you want to take into careful consideration is that the space between each bar should have no more than a half-inch gap, or less. If you purchase a cage made specifically for a canary, you’ll find the bar space will be just right in most cases.


Though you will often see your canary bounce up to its roost; they like to either fly in circles, or from side to side. With this in mind; purchase canary cages that have plenty of width, over looking for something that is tall and narrow. If you give your bird lots of freedom to fly around your home, this may be less of a worry, but the last thing you want is a restless canary when you’re trying to relax in front of the television.

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Cage materials:

Stainless steel, or stainless steel coated canary cages are preferable to all other materials. You will need to keep your pet canary’s area super clean to keep them from becoming ill, so the easier the cage is to clean, the better. Avoid being thrifty and buying something with thin wire, since they’re less durable.