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How to Teach Your Cat

Cats always seem to have a mind of their own. Regardless of where you want them to go or what you want them to do, it seems as if training them is impossible. Well, it CAN be done! Here are some tips to help train your furry feline friend:
1. Feed it on a regular basis.
If you own a cat, then you probably know that they’re finicky eaters. But not only does this involve the type of food that they eat (some cats even enjoy veggies), but also when they eat. So it’s crucial that you feed your cat at regular intervals. Typically twice a day is sufficient. Feeding your cat like clockwork will allow it to excrete its waste on a consistent basis.
2. Deter your cat from clawing in the wrong places.
Use lemon or orange scented furniture polish. Cats aren’t a big fan of citrus fruits, so this will deter them from clawing away at chairs, tables, and other furniture. A common misconception is that cats claw at stuff because they’re sharpening their claws. They’re actually marking their territory-tigers in the wild have been known to strip an entire tree trunk of its bark.
So to deter your cat from clawing where it shouldn’t, consider using a scratching post or scratching pad. Entice your feline by rubbing some catnip on the post or pad. They’ll love it!
3. Play with your cat.
While kittens are naturally more playful than adult cats, all cats are genuinely playful. In fact, did you know that one of the reasons your cat meows is to indicate that he or she is bored? Spending half an hour a day playing with your cat can solve many of the behavioral problems and prevent him or her from getting into mischief. There are tons of cat toys available at your local pet store, so buy a few and find out which ones your feline prefers.
4. Clean the litter box regularly.
You can’t really blame a cat for not wanting to use an untidy litter pan. Each day, you should remove the waste and then add roughly an inch of litter to the box. Then approximately once a week you should dump all the litter and replace it. If you have multiple cats using the same litter pan, then you’ll probably need to replace it sooner than that.
5. Reprimand your cat immediately after misbehavior.
Typically this should be within roughly 30 seconds of an incident. Waiting too long will make it difficult for the cat to put two and two together and understand why you’re saying “No, Fluffy, no!”
6. Potty-train a kitten by limiting its available space.
Remember that a kitten isn’t born with the knowledge that the litter pan is where it should do its “thing.” So the best way to train your feline is to keep it confined in one room of the house. The litter box, and a fresh supply of food and water should be contained in the room. After the cat learns the sole purpose of the litter pan, it can roam the house.
So there you have it! These tips will help you to train your kitten or adult cat in the shortest time possible.…

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How to Make Your Dog Comfortable Riding in a Pet Trailer

With the arrival of spring and nice weather, I’m starting to see more people out biking, towing a dog trailer with one or two pets happily riding along. When considering adding bike outings to your routine with Fido, how can you allow your dog to feel comfortable with this new activity?

Will My Dog Enjoy Riding in a Trailer?

It’s a good idea to ask yourself a few questions before purchasing a Bike Pet Trailer:

Is your dog fearful and cautious of anything new or is he adaptable and enjoys new experiences? In some cases a fearful pet might not be comfortable being enclosed in a trailer in traffic. Consider how much your dog enjoys riding in the family car. Does he enjoy traveling or is he more of a homebody?

Is your dog comfortable being in a crate or enclosed area? A pet trailer is not unlike a dog crate on wheels. If he refuses to get into a crate, riding in a trailer may not be the best activity for him.

Is your dog under 110 pounds? Larger trailers such as the Solvit Hounabout top out in this weight range. If you have a really large dog such as a St Bernard, Mastiff or Great Dane you might consider leaving the bike at home and going for a brisk walk!

Getting Your Dog Used To the Bike Trailer:

As with many training activities, be patient, take your time and break things down into small stages. When your pet is comfortable and happy, move on to the next step. Use positive reinforcement: treats and praise and limit the sessions to no more than 15-20 minutes.

Take the wheels off and set the trailer up indoors as you would a dog crate. Most trailers will allow you to do this easily.

Place a treat or favorite toy beside the trailer cabin and then eventually inside.

When he goes in, pet him, give him lots of praise and love, and reward him with another treat.

During the day, try placing his food bowl in the trailer. Above all, be patient and let him take the time to get used to being in the cabin.

When he seems comfortable, put the wheels back on, take the dog trailer outside and attach to your bike. As in the previous steps, use treats, toys and positive reinforcement to get him used to jumping inside.

Once he’s comfortable, make sure he’s properly secured in the pet bike trailer. A well made trailer will have D rings built in for attaching a harness.

Many trailers have the ability to open the top so he can sit upright with his head exposed, this might be the most comfortable initially.

Start riding slowly and smoothly; sudden braking and acceleration might scare your dog. Make your first ride really short, just a trip down a quiet street or around the block. Talk to your dog calmly and at the end of the ride give him a few treats.

Once you have successfully taken a few rides around the block, start taking your dog with you on longer rides. Be sure to take your dog to fun places such as the dog park or beach. Soon, Fido will associate riding in a pet trailer with a fun destination and the two of you can enjoy this new activity.

One Additional Hint: Some larger dogs feel a bit insecure sitting on the suspended floor of a trailer. An easy solution is to measure the floor, visit Home Depot and have them cut out a piece of 1/4″ plywood to size. Place this under the cushion and your dog will feel more secure with the ride.…

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Dog Obedience Training That Actually Works (And Works Fast)!

Do you have a dog that is trying your patience to the very limit? If you are having behavior problems with your pet, obedience training for dogs may be the solution. This can turn the problem dog into a well-behaved joy to be around. If your dog is halfway down the street still moving in the opposite direction while you stand and call your lungs out, you know you need to learn some dog training techniques.
What Can I Do to Get My Dog to Listen?
Start training when he is a puppy if this is at all possible. Often people adopt adult dogs and this will require a little more training than if you had started when he was small. Puppy obedience training is often far easier than most people think. The key to training a puppy is to remember they do not have long attention spans. Somewhat like children, they must have frequent breaks.
There is dog training equipment that can help you to get your puppy or dog on the road to improved behavior. Vibration collars are one of the tools used to help with training. They do not emit a shock – only a vibration. This type of collar is recommended for dogs that are over 8 lbs. They are waterproof so there are no worries about the dog being out in the rain.
The use of dog training tools has been proven to be one of the best methods available for encouraging good behavior. They are used as a reinforcement to help you get your dog to listen and obey the commands given. Some of the ones utilized by professional trainers are electronic dog collars or shock collars.
Used responsibly these collars can be a very beneficial way of training your dog. By delivering a static shock when the dog behaves in a way that is not permissible, he is reminded that the behavior he is exhibiting is not acceptable. There are also collars that will allow you to record a voice command.
Other dog training products are also available to help you get your dog under control. The collar that sprays a substance on the dog’s nose when he is barking continuously is one type. Many of these collars use citronella however; there are others that utilize other substances. These should never be filled with any substance that can harm the dog.
There are also collars such as choke collars and pinch collars. The choke collar can be dangerous if the dog lunges. This can put pressure on his windpipe. The better choice would be to use a pinch collar that can safely tell him to stop the behavior he is exhibiting. Ultimately, the dog training supplies used are as safe as the person who is using them. They should never be abused and keep in mind, the collars are not being used for punishment. They are being used for training purposes and learning.
The supplies that you will find for the help you need to get your dog to listen and obey are going to be varied. Using good judgment as to the right ones to utilize is going to be your job. Any method or tools used for obedience training for dogs should not be hurtful or cruel to the dog. He is behaving the way he does because he has not been taught any other way to behave. When he is trained the right way, before you know it there will be no more episodes of standing and calling only to have him run in the opposite direction.…

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Pet Care and Training

The love for our pets is perhaps one of the most enduring of emotions that a vast majority of us experience. For some peoples animals are their passion. Very few of us can resist being touched by their explicit loyalty and endearing mannerisms so they need special care and emphatic approach. But today’s hectic schedule of work has emerged with a problem of pet care and training like brushing their teeth, cutting & trimming their nails and breeding problems especially dog breeding are some of very common problems faced by the pet owners.
They are usually in trouble when they have to travel away from home, some people board their pets or arrange for friends and neighbors to take care of them while they are away but it could be inconvenient as pets actually do better in their own environment. So pet boarding is an important issue for pet owners. They usually don’t like the idea of staying in a small cage the whole time, so many people look for a boarding facility that offers upscale boarding. Some of the boardings or pet hotels often have small rooms with beds and toys that mimic the home environment.
Everyone wants that their pet should instantly responds when we call them by their name, make eye contact with us follow house rules and eagerly responds to our body language before we say any command, and for all that we need to give them proper pet training as they do not understand human language. Positive motivation encourages your pet to succeed in learning while developing…

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Pet Food Tips – 3 Places to Choose the Best Pet Food For Your Lovely Pet!

Is it troublesome for your pet to get up? Does your pet have a hard time going up and down steps? Do your pet’s daily activities show signs as if he is in pain? Well then, you need to get him/her diagnosed for any health complications and even before that, look for advice on choosing the appropriate pet food for your beloved pet- because that really could make a world of difference! As for places to buy quality-invested pet foods from at the nominal prices are concerned, here are some suggestions:
1. Your Trusted Veterinarian’s Clinic
Pet foods are available a dime a dozen in the open market but in order to choose the best suited ones for your pet, you would need expert advice. Your pet could be suffering from conditions which could need specialized help on supplement choosing and for that none but a qualified vet could be of help. It is very likely that you would gain access to the real supplements supplies at the vet’s clinic itself as he could be storing them for sales purposes.
2. Pet Supplies Stores
Some food supplements are simply all-inclusive trusted brands that need not be consulted upon before feeding your pet with. These are usually the natural and organic restorative herbal products that work to cure illnesses at the root and provide added antioxidants and other health essentials for the system that could otherwise be lacking in their diet. You would not need special prescriptions from vets for these and the local pet supplies stores could be the best to get hold of these. What’s more to ask for, these stores would provide you with an opportunity to conduct a product comparison too.
3. Online Stores
Interestingly, pet supplies can be procured online too. In fact, these online stores provide a wide range of products at discounted prices as compared to their market prices. Their delivery services too are quick and supplies are usually made available within 24 hours of placing the order. These definitely then make for a perfect pick for the sheer convenient and economical accessibility that they offer. As an added advantage, one can expect to get some complimentary online advice on pet health care and nutrition through these for free.
I hope you must have understood by now that choosing the best pet food that provides your darling pet with a long and healthy life and reduced disease susceptibility is not as tough as it is necessary.…

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How to Train Your Pet

Training your pet does not necessarily has to involve a pet trainer. There are simpler ways of pet training. These include showing the pet what you want it to do. Pointing at an object is the best way of pet training. An example is pointing at its cage when you want it to go to sleep or rest. If you want it to eat, you should point at its feeding bowl. While pointing at the object you want the pet to use, you should say the name of the action or object clearly, so that the pet hears the name. After a number of days repeating the same routine, you can test if the pest has learned the routine by saying the name without pointing. If the pet responds correctly, then you know that your pet training has worked.
Other conversational signals are easy for pet training. Shaking your head or your palm sideways is a refusal signal. At first you should do it and then hold the pet and make it do whatever you want it to do. When you repeat the signal a number of times, the pet realizes that the signal means refusal and you do not have to touch it. It moves away on its own. The easiest signal for commending the pet is a smile. This is given when the pet has done something good like catching a rodent or pushing a trolley closer. Other complex signals are learnt as derivatives of the simpler ones and it should be a step-by-step process.…

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Want To Be A Better Cat Owner? Read This Article!

Cats are very unique animals. Their unique intelligence and independence combined with their loving nature make them ideal as house pets. But, it’s not so simple to take proper care of a cat. Continue reading to learn some excellent cat care tips so that you can raise a happy and healthy cat.

Cats often view small spaces as a fun challenge. A collar can become a liability if your cat is especially adventurous. Collars designed to release when sufficient force is applied (“breakaway” collars) are a great idea. This could save your cat’s life if the collar gets caught in some branches.

Don’t be pushy when you are getting to know your new cat. Cats prefer to be in control and take things at their own pace. Make sure your new cat is comfortable and safe. Let your cat take its time exploring its new environment. When your cat feels at home, it will be more likely to try to make friends with you.

Make your own enclosed litter box from a large tote box with a lid. Use a coffee can lid as a pattern to cut a door in one side of the tote. Place the coffee can lid fairly high up on the side of the tote. Trace around it with a permanent marker. Cut out the circle with tin snips or a box cutter. Add litter. Put on the lid.

Do not assume that because a medication is okay for you to take, that it is safe for your cat as well. Many medications made for humans are lethal to cats, such as acetaminophen containing drugs and aspirin. Always check with your veterinarian before you give your cat anything.

Get your cat sprayed and neutered to prevent diseases and infections that form in the reproductive system. This can also help reduce the chance for overpopulation in the country, as just one male who is not neutered can produce up to half a million offspring over the course of his life.

If you want to have your cat for many years, it is a good idea to keep them indoors. While a cat may enjoy going outside, it is statistically proven that outdoor cats live shorter lives than indoor cats. There are dangers to a cat that spends time outside, not least of all other animals.

Animal Control

Keep track of your feline friend by having the animal microchipped. This small device is implanted beneath the skin between your cat’s shoulder blades. Microchip implantation may sting for a few seconds, but the implant is otherwise unnoticeable and will not cause your pet any discomfort. This chip makes it easier for animal control to locate your cat if it goes missing.

The unique and intelligent cat makes a great pet if you educate yourself about how to care for it. Study the tips in this article very carefully. Apply what you’ve just learned as you set out to properly care for your cat so that both of you lead happy lives.…