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Is it Safe For People to Eat Pet Food?

Ferndale, WA: Recent internet searches reveal this question and it’s a very interesting one and in a funny sort of way rather relevant because so many people are talking about raw food diets and vegetables are edible and nutritious right? So bottom line strange is in the eye of the beholder. This article will examine the different nutritional needs of dogs, cats and humans.
District 9
The first thing that comes to mind about the safety of eating pet food is the scene from the Hollywood Blockbuster film, District 9, where the stranded aliens buy and eat cat food from food stalls scattered throughout their refugee camp. Villers, the main protagonist in the story, about one third of the way into the film, gets transformed into an alien and begins to crave cat food. Its awful as he takes great handfuls of tinned cat food and eats it. Is it possible for humans to eat cat food safely?
The answer is its not recommended, animal and human nutritional requirements are very different (which this article explores) especially those of an obligate carnivore like a cat. We’ll get to the safety thing in a minute.
Obligate Carnivore
An obligate carnivore is described as an animal that can only sustain itself buy eating the flesh of other animals. Your cat was built by Mother Nature to get her nutritional needs met by the consumption of a large amount of animal-based proteins (meat/organs) and derives much less nutritional support from plant-based proteins (grains/vegetables). It means that cats lack specific metabolic (enzymatic) pathways and cannot utilize plant proteins as efficiently as animal proteins. On the other hand, dogs and humans can get nutrition from plants and thus live on a vegetarian diet but cats cannot.
The safety question. The answer is it depends on the pet food. I can’t see it in my mind eating kibble nor tinned cat food, but if one did I believe a persons stomach would probably reject it but as far as I’ve been able to research, a person can’t die from ingesting dog kibble or wet pet food. One reason is that most foods are made from scraps and leftover foods that humans wont eat and also, many dry and wet dog foods also contain rice, wheat and other plants, not to mention added vitamins and minerals.
What’s rather unsavory about this whole discussion from the 50,000 foot level looking down, is that what goes into pet food falls between the regulatory cracks between the FDA and AFFCOA� (Association Of American Feed Control Officials), so even though its commercial grade pet food you buy from a store, the labels (and the ingredients) are less stringent so anything can be used. If you look carefully or test commercial foods you find they contain high percentages of cooked starches and things like re-processed human made restaurant waste, slaughterhouse scraps and other fun stuff. Yuck!
What about the Recall?
One important point to make lest we forget is the major U.S. pet food recall in March of 2006, in which the FDA issued a recall on some “cuts and gravy” style of canned pet food that evidently caused rapid kidney failure and death in hundreds of animals. The FDA later recalled more animal edibles, tracing the problem back to wheat gluten, a component used to thicken. The scientists who tested the pet meals in question say an ingredient called melamine (a fire retardant and plastic-producing chemical) was to blame for the deaths, and further investigation found that the melamine came from a Chinese manufacturer of wheat gluten. Because melamine “looks” like protein when tested, adding it to pet food could deceptively boost protein levels-a major selling point for consumers. This, some allege, may be why it ended up in pet food.
Is Pet Food Safe?
So coming full circle, if people do eat pet food these days, is it really safe? The jury is out in light of the pet food crisis, but sticking to food intended for humans would be a wise choice.A�
On the other hand, there are bright manufacturers out there and some of the modern pet foods these days do have food grade ingredients and are probably very nutritious. Some people do eat some of the food grade rawA� (usually they do cook them for human consumption which we would definitely recommend) and cooked dog foods that are available and claim to enjoy them greatly!
I think in this article we’ve covered a lot of ground but I think the take away for everyone is two-fold. Yes its possible for something quite toxic to happen if you eat pet food since the ingredients are not known and perhaps something strange has been included. But for the most part the jury seems to suggest that eating pet food …

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The Husky – A Great Pet

When my wife and I went to our local SPCA to to find a pet we seen that they had a whole litter of husky puppies there. My wife seen the one she liked best because of the marking patterns on its face but unfortunately the pups would not be available for adoption until the next day. So first thing in the morning the next day I went to the SPCA very early to make sure I would able to get first pick of the puppies. Luckily I did get first pick and our new husky puppy, now named Ripken, became the newest member of our family.
However I wish I had done some research about huskies before I got one. The husky is a great pet to have but it is best to learn about its traits if you get one. First thing was the shedding. Huskies shed their fur at least twice a year and it is a lot of hair.
Also huskies are high energy dogs so it is best to take them walking often. Being high energy if a husky gets bored it can be destructive, especially to your yard. Huskies love to dig and they can tear up a backyard if left unattended and boredom sets in. They are also great escape artists. A husky can find its way out of a fenced in yard or it will make a way for it to get out. Huskies also have that pulling instinct so leash training can be difficult.
The good thing about the husky is that it is a very loving dog. They are very friendly to all people they meet, even strangers so keep that in mind because they not good watchdogs. They are also good around children. They are good with other pets if they are raised with them since they were puppies. The husky is truly a great companion to have as a pet.…

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What Every Cat Owner Need To Know

Caring for a cat is not always easy. After all, the cat can’t talk to you and let you know what you’re doing wrong, and cats are so independent that sometimes you don’t think they need you at all. This article has some smart suggestions to help you care for your cat in a way that they can appreciate.

Let kittens and cat-friendly pet dogs get to know each other slowly. Put up a baby gate to keep dogs in one room while your new kitten gets used to its surroundings. Supervise carefully when the kitten ventures to the gate to meet the dogs. When the kitten feels safe, it will climb the gate. If it feels threatened, it will pop right back out to safety.

Set up a nice, warm and comfortable area for your cat to rest in your home. It should be lined with a warm towel or blanket. Make sure to wash the bedding regularly since it can acquire dust, dander, and anything from outside if your cat is an outdoor cat.

Play with your cat using proper cat toys. Cats love toys that help them feel like the predators that they think they are. Try sticking with toys that help them dance around or jump. This can also help them use extra energy by pouncing on toys instead of people’s feet.

Be sure your cat gets regular checkups at the vet. They should go in for a routine check-up at least once a year, possibly more if they need important shots. When the cat seems to be acting abnormally, take it to the vet immediately.

If your cat is misbehaving, you can influence its behavior in a safe and humane way by using water. Fill a small squirt gun or a spray water bottle with plain water. Give your cat a few light squirts of water when you catch it misbehaving and it will soon learn to stop doing the unwanted behavior.

Check your cat for ticks and fleas every week. If your cat does have fleas, there is a good chance that you also have fleas in your home. You might need some flea bombs or premise-control sprays, along with treating the cat, to get rid of the issue. If you don’t know what products to use for controlling ticks and fleas, talk to your vet for some safe options.

Realize that cats do not normally pant. Dogs pant to keep cool. If a cat pants, it’s a sign of trouble. Your cat could be very anxious or in pain. Likewise, rapid breathing is a sign of pain or anxiety. Be sure to contact your vet right away if your cat starts panting.

Your cat may never say thank you, but if you use the tips laid out here, you will know she is well cared for. Just try each tip and watch for your cat’s reaction. You will know whether it is working for your cat by her reaction. Even though it isn’t easy, you can be a wonderful owner to a happy cat.…